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Need customer support? Don’t be that person.

I work in customer support and get talked to like I’m nothing every. single. day. But, hey, I chose this job. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Still, every now and then, I’ll let my frustration out:

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The world is already a shitty place, so do us a favor and don’t make it worse. If you need help, we’ll gladly help you. Just don’t be that person.

My philosophy is basically this. And this is something that I live by. And I always have. And I always will. Don’t, ever, for any reason, do anything, to anyone, for any reason, ever, no matter what, no matter where, or who or who you are with, or where you are going, or where you’ve been. Ever. For any reason. Whatsoever. Just don’t be that person, OK? Here goes:

The not so humble one:

Give me a break, I’m not an idiot. And, I can’t believe I’m debating with a WordPress employee about social media.

Had you researched me first, then you would not be attempting your smart ass comebacks. GOOGLE MY NAME and then get to know me… and I’m being incredibly POLITE to you!

The not so polite one:

“Fuck you!”

What is this shit?

Stop being a bureaucratic twit.

The racist one:

“Where are you finding these people? India? Bangladesh?

I’ll never use you again.”

The not so nice one:

Improve your scummy business practices.

You are not very lucid right now…..

This site is awful.

Stop smiling. It’s just annoying.

The threatening one:

“I’ll be back with litigators, cheerios.”

The one that thinks shouting will make it better:

“Would you mind deactivating the caps lock on your keyboard, please? As you may know, in the Internet culture this may be interpreted as shouting.”


Don’t be any of these people. Also don’t assume we’re all males. My colleagues and I thank you.


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