Barcelona (city, album and song)

I left home hoping I would “disconnect” as much as possible on this vacation. Anything from a computer to a tablet (I didn’t bring any) to work (I deleted Slack, my work-related WordPress app, and my emails last Friday after calling it a day). I bought a thousand-page book (Paul Auster’s 4321) and haven’t watched much TV (a 20 minute documentary on the consequences of overfishing in Senegal). I still have my phone, of course, for directions, taking pictures and, the occasional Instagram scroll (so that means I haven’t fully disconnected, have I?)

As we are speeding through Catalunya, I wanted to take a moment to remind anyone reading this blog of the importance of giving to those in need. Not everyone is born lucky and I believe we should help those who aren’t.

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Queen, Stormtroopers in Stilettos

Panneau avec le logo et des photos de Queen

Retranscription d’un article écrit pour Queen Jewels en mars 2011 :

Comment évoquer Queen sans parler de ses balbutiements, lorsque Freddie était encore Farrokh et que John démontait des transistors ? Ici Island Records pointe le doigt sur la période du groupe la moins connue du grand public, au grand bonheur de ses fans, en nous offrant un focus sur les 5 premiers albums. Fini donc les Greatest Hits à tire larigot, l’heure est aux classiques, repartons 40 ans en arrière, là où tout a commencé.

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