Bouquet de roses et ballon indiquant "I love you"
My work at Automattic requires me to get out of my comfort zone from time to time and interact with other human beings at in-person meetups. This week, I am in Glasgow.

If you came to this blog before, you probably already know that I struggle with anxiety a lot. I'm not ashamed of it, though there was a time when I would not talk about it because it made me feel like I looked weak to others.

Now I don't care, it's part of who I am and I'm OK with sharing that this week so far has been difficult. I love the people on my team, but the noise, pushing myself through uncomfortable situations, the fear of missing out, flying, making decisions, keeping in touch with the rest of my work duties, etc. has been really tough on me.

A couple of clicks away though, I know there's my fiancé, always there ready to listen. Dylan loves running, and lately, he's been out chasing kilometers in preparation for his next challenge at the Lake Geneva. This week though, he also took a few minutes to organize a surprise that meant the world to me and got flowers delivered to my hotel room along with a "knock-off" quote from The Office.

"Sometimes I'll start a gift card, and I don't even know where it's going. I just hope I find it along the way."

— D.K.

I'm very lucky. ❤️

Silence… Moteur… Action !

L'auteure tenant une caméra dans la rue

Récemment sur Amazon, il y avait un deal pour cette caméra de sport type Go Pro pour une trentaine d’euros, et on s’est laissé tenter. Bon, la qualité n’est pas super mais à ce prix là, c’est normal. Ceci dit, le resultat n’est pas si mauvais que ça.

Nous avons fait 2-3 sorties en famille dont voici les vidéos :

Projet JavaScript : Générateur de Contenu

Citation de JFK sur fond de couleur

Je me suis récemment mise au JavaScript et pour mettre en pratique mes connaissances, j’ai décidé de faire un mini projet. Le principe est simple : le site génère automatiquement du contenu prédéfini. Pour m’amuser un peu, j’ai aussi ajouté des animations et décidé qu’à chaque mise à jour de la page, la couleur du fond serait, elle aussi, générée automatiquement.

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